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Junior Students Explore a New Perspective

Student take part in online photo competition


The SHR Forced Perspective Primary competition concluded last week with some great entries! Using a photography technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, students used their imaginations and techniques taught by Apple Distinguished Educator, Mr Levent Erdogan from Hong Kong to create some fantastic images.

Shrewsbury, Riverside’s Junior Digital Lead, Mr James Knight came up with the competition idea in February after a FaceTime tutorial with Mr Erdogan. The idea was for our digital leaders to teach students the forced perspective technique and then for students to run their own competition. Unfortunately, lockdown kicked in, the school closed, and Shrewsbury students were unable to do this. 

The plan then switched to an online competition, and Mr Erdogan again gave up his time to coach students on how to get the best results. Both our students and teachers are grateful to him for eliciting some great results from our primary photographers.

Mr Knight was absolutely delighted with the results and how varied the entries were. The students clearly spent a lot of time considering their audience and how they wanted to create these amazing illusions using forced perspective.

“The use of the forced perspective technique has taught students the importance of composition, focus and most importantly, problem-solving. They had to display considerable patience and high levels of creativity to achieve the best effects.” He said.

The images were submitted by many students across Year 1 to Year 6 and then judged on their creativity, originality and how convincing their illusions were. Mr Knight then created a shortlist which was then voted on by Vice-Principal and Head of Junior, Ms Sally Weston, Head of Prep, Ms Debbie Brown and Head of Pre-Prep, Siobhan O’Brien. Winners can be found here and here on our Facebook page.

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