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Give to Grow Gains Momentum

Year 9 Students Begin Wellbeing Movement


Give2Grow is a movement started by siblings Pat (Year 12) and Pete (Year 9) Teerachotmongkol, who intend on improving the quality of life for all Thai people. Educating young children about basic healthcare, mental health, and personal fitness are the initial aims of Give2Grow who eventually want to expand into all areas of well-being.

A session may typically include everything from using effective personal hygiene to how to manage ones’ emotions under challenging scenarios. The tutors in these sessions model scenarios and give suggestions on where to improve their lives. Co-founder Pete says that ensuring that the children who take their sessions are having fun is the primary objective.

“We are trying to change attitudes and habits. That can be difficult for people who are set in their ways so we focus on children aged about five to ten-years-old. By making it enjoyable and engaging, we can connect with the kids so that they might take on board some of the things we are promoting.”


Students across Shrewsbury, Riverside now support Give2Grow. As a group, they have identified poor health choices and a lack of education as a significant factor in why many Thai people suffer debilitating conditions as they get older. The group want to fundamentally change this, creating a situation where healthy choices in body and mind are at the forefront of the psyche.

Through personal connection and leaning on the framework of other successful Shrewsbury charities, Give2Grow has been able to identify potential schools that will benefit from their program. In a recent trip to Na Hin Lard in Nakhon Nayok province, the students gave lessons at a local school about mental health and how to manage your emotions under challenging scenarios. Pete says the trip was a great learning curve, and they have intentions to do many more throughout the country. However, exposure via social media is something they still need help navigating.

To make a big splash, Give2Grow have made t-shirts and branded alcohol sprays to fund their venture. With the shirts already sold out Pete is turning his attention to using online media as a way to make their budding NGO to go viral.

“The Shrewsbury community is diverse and encompasses families from a wide range of industries. We believe with help from the community, we will succeed in our mission”. 

The Covid-19 pandemic was not the catalyst for Give2Grow to begin, but it has undoubtedly brought about a sense of urgency. Pete and his co-founders understand the effects of the virus on the economy, and jobs will be long-lasting. They are hopeful that our community can come together to help those affected the hardest. 

“If you want to make a difference, help us reach our goal of creating a society where everyone has access to information which can improve their health and well-being. We believe we can make an impactful difference.”

You can enquire about helping Give2Grow by contacting them on Instagram here.


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