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EY1 Vist Their Friends at City Campus

Recently, EY1 children took an eagerly anticipated trip to City Campus. Each Class was able to experience a morning in the life of a City Campus child. The children were so excited to take a trip on the bus where they had fun singing along to the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and playing many a game of ‘I Spy’.

Once we arrived at our destination, we joined with a Class and made our way upstairs to use the soft play equipment. The children used their gross motor skills and their coordination to climb, jump and slide. After some Active Learning Time in the EY environment, we joined in with Ms Margret for a wonderful music lesson. The children listened to the keyboard, sang some familiar songs and played instruments.

We finished our day with a picnic with our new friends, where we had a chance to talk about our schools and listen to a story. What a wonderful trip. We cannot wait to see our City Campus friends again soon!

These trips to Shrewsbury City Campus reaffirm our bond and ensure the two school's connection stays strong. Many of these students will eventually join together at Riverside at the Senior School, so it is a good way to form bonds with students outside their normal day-to-day classes.

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