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EY Children Make a Splash

This June our Early Years parents  have been proudly watching their children show off their swimming skills in the Shrewsbury pool during the ‘Come and See Me Swim’ sessions.   

At Shrewsbury we believe it is incredibly important to teach all our Early Years children swimming skills and confidence in the water. Children learn best by having fun, so by using floats and playing games these lessons help children to develop a jigsaw of skills, at their own pace. These individual skills will eventually join up to become a swimming stroke such as front crawl, butterfly or breaststroke.  

Swimming at Shrewsbury is based on the aquatic movement fundamentals of:

  • Flotation and balance - how to float and balance in water
  • Rotation and orientation - how to get to an upright position and stay there
  • Streamlining - breathing and behaving confidently in water
  • Travel and coordination - travelling effectively through the water

This programme also helps develop coordination and skills in other aquatic or land based sports.

Children can also take these skills and use them to stay safe during holidays at the beach or having fun playing at their condo pool.

We take water safety very seriously at Shrewsbury, all our swimming teachers are trained lifeguards and experts in teaching skills to beginners. 

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