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Equity Partnership Products Go Online


Shrewsbury students and their partner schools around Thailand have entered the next phase of the Equity Partnership - listing their products for sale on co-sponsor, JD Central's website. 

The products have developed considerably from their inception as an original prototype to items that are now for sale on the JD Central platform. The students from Thai and International schools have worked together well and generated a set of items that they can all be very proud of. 

The workshops and upcountry field trips that Shrewsbury and other international schools attended during the Equity Partnership programme have all played a part in enhancing the excellent product offerings that purchasers can now see for sale. Each item has a beautiful backstory that consumers can read through and the ability to look at all the traditional and contemporary techniques on show. It must be said that all the products have entered the 21st century in terms of marketing and packaging - showing innovative and targeted themes in order to reach the appropriate market segment. 

Throughout the process, all participants have learned a collection of valuable and transferable skills related to marketing, storytelling, product development, pricing and financial accounting, sustainability, online selling, and all-important 'soft skills' like teamwork, cooperation, communication and presentation. 

The students now await the results to find out the overall winner. In a final event, teams will be awarded points based on how well their products sell as well as input from industry professionals and mentors who have been overseeing the programme throughout the past six months.

Head of Outreach, Mr Greg Threlfall is thrilled to see all teams get to this point in the process for Season Two of the Equity Partnership programme. 

"Please consider purchasing some of the fantastic gifts on show as all proceeds are returned to the local Equitable Education Fund supported schools to help support the delivery of innovative curriculum activities such as this. In essence, by buying these goods, you are directly supporting the delivery of high-quality, equitable education across Thailand. I want to thank you personally for your purchases! Happy shopping," he encouraged.

The Equity Partnership is an initiative is a collaboration between Shrewsbury, JD Central and the government-supported EEF with aims to promote education, income equality and encouraging young people to think innovatively. It is hoped that this kind of knowledge-sharing amongst educators will in turn help students across Thailand to contribute their own ideas, products and skills to the Thai economy.

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