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Despite an extended period of online and distance learning, the new academic year has seen Shrewsbury students continue to nurture their love of learning in creative, colourful, and exciting ways across the entire school. This is definitely the case in our Junior School, where inventive planning ensures our younger students remain motivated and engaged outside of the traditional classroom environment.

As the school prepares for re-opening in the coming weeks - with dates still to be confirmed by the Ministry of Public Health - we look back at just a small selection of the learning which has taken place across some of our junior year groups; the examples shown here are a testament to the dedication, commitment and focus not only of Shrewsbury’s enthusiastic students but to the whole community of parents, teachers and staff who have continued to work tirelessly to ensure a continued and uninterrupted period of growth.  

Pictured above, this Year 1 activity saw students combine the disciplines of art and science by mixing primary paints to create secondary colours. The work was linked to science not only in creating brand new colours but also after painting pictures of rainbows. Students were then able to discuss weather patterns with their classmates and teacher.

Year 2’s topic ‘Life Below Water’ also saw students learn across multiple disciplines – such as this example of artwork inspired by French artist Matisse and his famous ‘cut-out’ style. The work then inspired students to begin a conversation about ocean habitats as they explored marine science and the animals that live in this unique and vulnerable ecosystem.

In the photo above, we see an example from our Year 3 students, who have been learning about the Romans as part of their work on ancient civilisations. Their online history classes introduced the topic, and offline students even created models of entire Roman cities at home to complement and reinforce the work - including some critical examples of Roman engineering; a colosseum, a fully functioning aqueduct and a fountain for drinking. 

English literature is the theme for this example from Year 4; students explored figurative language and looked at personification from the class book - ‘Leon and the Place Between’. As students progress through Shrewsbury’s junior school, whether onsite or online, their command of the English language is greatly improved by emphasising more sophisticated linguistic skills – which has continued during distance learning. 

Online and distance learning for the Shrewsbury community - and indeed all school communities has presented new challenges and different ways of learning. However, the commitment showed by our students, their families, and our teaching staff has meant that we’ve continued to move forward with determination, ready to continue the process back onsite in the not too distant future. 

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