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Civil War Presentation Enlightens Year 12 History


Year 12 History students had the unique opportunity to have school librarian, North Carolinian and American Civil War academic, Ms Stephanie Rous come into class and give her perspective on the origins of the conflict that shaped the United States. It is these kinds of brilliant academics and situations that make Shrewsbury a fantastic place to study.

Dressed in Civil War-era attire, Ms Rous began her lecture by categorising the conflict as a battle of competing ideals between the industrialised North and the agricultural South. At the heart of this was states rights, the issue of slavery and the abolitionist movement.

Ms Rous also spoke about the different political acts that eventually led to slavery becoming against the law and what importance the confederate flag plays in the political system, both then and now.

Year 12 History teacher, Ms Emma Noake says Ms Rous is a fantastic resource to have at the students’ disposal, given her vast knowledge on the topic. As a primary component of A Level History, students will now be better informed about the Civil War.

“Given the current political situation and the recent news with regards to the Black Lives Matter movement, this history is also essential for a modern understanding - particularly with regard for those planning to live and study in the United States,” Ms Noake informed.

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