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A Joyful Return to the Classroom 


A sense of wonderful normality was the overall feeling at Shrewsbury as classes in the Pre-Prep and Prep School got underway this week. The start of any school year is a time of transition and change and none more so than the 2020/21 school year. An extended period of uncertainty, a school closure and summer holidays has kept the school community from operating under normal conditions for several months. But this week, we began to look forward again.

In Early Years, Ms Hollie's class have been taking their first steps away from their parents and towards Shrewsbury's play-based, child-led environment full of day-to-day learning opportunities with their friends. After starting on Tuesday with their parents in the classroom, the children waved goodbye for a short time on day three. Shrewsbury's youngest students are already embracing their new environment, making friends and enjoying the brand-new EY Garden, which was renovated and extended over the summer break.


In Ms Russo's Year 2 class things were getting pretty messy (in a good way!), with students reacquainting themselves with friends, the classroom structure and the teaching staff. As we visited Ms Russo's class, we saw children happily engaged in a wide range of creative activities. Young Ben in 2FR was busy creating a zoo complete with kangaroos, elephants, tigers and gorillas, while Ken was making sure he had the right ingredients for his 'ice cup'.

In addition to meeting their new class teachers, Junior School teachers are also getting to know their specialist teachers too. We found Year 6 enjoying a Thai lesson with Kru Ajaree, who was making sure students were still up to scratch with their writing skills after a long break. She was quick to correct any mistakes and formulated a short quiz to see where the students needed improvement.

As the school enjoys its reopening, it is great to see so many smiling, happy faces. The school community is thrilled to get moving again!

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