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A Book Week of Heroes


Last week, Shrewsbury International School saw an entire week of literary events and activities which surrounded ‘World Book Day’. This year, our theme was ‘heroes’, which captured the imagination of all our students. 

For many people, the first thought that comes to mind when hearing the word ‘hero’ is of action, adventure and power. But it’s not all about going through walls and firing lasers. 

Organised by Shrewsbury’s dedicated Library Team, pictured above and below, and Shrewsbury’s remarkably creative English Department, ‘Fully Booked Week’ not only sought to nurture students’ passion for creative writing and texts, but also to serve as a timely reminder about what real ‘heroes’ do: whether in literature or reality.

There are countless stories, written in countless languages and throughout many time-periods about characters and real people who have helped others. And it was within this narrative that our own students were reminded about the true nature of bravery; in reading about those who helped others, even when they had problems of their own. Or characters who encouraged others to do good, even in the face of danger. Those who were helpful, kind, responsible, respectful, courageous and selfless. The idea behind the theme? Showing that ordinary people have the power to do extraordinary things; and some of those people are closer to us than we may think.

Students were reminded about heroes they might know; our teachers, our teaching assistants and our administration staff. Or perhaps those who work in the background to keep us safe - like our dedicated cleaning staff, or to keep us fed, like our committed team of caterers - or fabulous Library Team and English Department, who made this all happen!

Just some of the events organised for ‘Fully Booked Week’ included a series of videos, made by our Senior Students for our Junior classes, about their favourite book. Or “Random Kindness Wednesday”, where library monitors gave away free books to random students. And of course, Friday’s costume parade saw students dress as their favourite fictional or real-life characters. 

While the introduction of a theme added an element of fun, the hard work surrounding ‘Fully Booked Week’ is testament to the dedication of Shrewsbury’s diligent Library and English teams - heros who work right here at Shrewsbury - who seek to nurture students’ love of literature at every opportunity. 

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