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Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside, 1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholaem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand



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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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New Senior School


A 1.1 billion baht investment at Shrewsbury Riverside has delivered a stunning 17,000 sqm new Senior School for the benefit of our students.



Contact our admissions team today to book your tour of our amazing 43 rai Riverside campus.


The new Innovation Centre is a place to aspire to for our Junior students at both Riverside and City campuses. Whether they transition from Junior to Senior at Riverside, or take up their guaranteed Year 7 places on completion of Primary education at Shrewsbury’s City Campus, every single student will benefit from the stunning new Senior School.

Supported by the Sophonpanich family and excellent governance linked to Shrewsbury School in the UK, the new Senior School delivers a wealth of exciting opportunities for parents, staff and students alike. These new facilities, coupled with the exemplary standard of teaching delivered by staff, will further transform the education and opportunities provided by Thailand’s leading independent international school



A significant proportion of Shrewsbury International graduates embark on university degrees in scientific and applied fields such as medicine and engineering; indeed, nearly 1 in 7 graduating students successfully applied to medical degree programmes in 2021. 

The Sir David Lees Innovation Centre, will provide our students with the very best preparation for tertiary study with access to highly qualified teachers and a state-of-the-art space to study, to absorb scientific theory and deepen their understanding through practical experiments. Eighteen spacious 120sqm  laboratories, six each dedicated to Chemistry, Biology and Physics,  are fitted with top-of-the-line educational furniture and equipment from S+B Labs - the UK’s leading provider of educational laboratory equipment.

Ms Laura Garcia, Director of Science at Shrewsbury International School Riverside, was instrumental in helping to design the new laboratories and comments: “Science learning spaces should be able to motivate and inspire future scientists by supporting collaborative practice and practical work. As a department, we aim to provide a personalised, inclusive and flexible learning environment adapted for different teaching approaches.” 

With the new modern laboratories, Shrewsbury continues to deliver unparalleled science education culminating in exceptional exam results and university destinations.



The study of Mathematics, a cornerstone of Shrewsbury, Riverside’s academic success, embarks on a new chapter with the addition of 16 new classrooms in the Sir David Lees Innovation Centre. 

With each classroom fitted with the latest technology and access to various devices and software, Shrewsbury Mathematics department has the provision, leadership and technology to further develop its record of outstanding and highly-consistent success.  

A high level of proficiency in Mathematics is sought by every top-level university in the world and is regarded as a facilitating subject for many courses. 95% of all Sixth-Form students enrolled at Shrewsbury International, Riverside, take either Mathematics, or both Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-Level, the demands on the department are always high. With the addition of the new technology-enabled classrooms, success in Mathematics at the school is set to go from strength-to-strength.



One of the most forward-thinking aspects of Shrewsbury’s Sir David Lees Innovation Centre was the creation of four new Computing suites, a Robotics lab and an Innovation space that will bring together these key subject areas all under one roof. 

Students will be introduced to university-like facilities and resources - expertly preparing them for the next phase in their education. Aspiring designers, entrepreneurs and engineers will access the newest technology, helping them to ascend higher than ever before - essentially becoming masters of their own learning. Upon graduation, students will attend universities of their choice, equipped with a solid foundation in creation, exploration and innovation.




The Stephen Holroyd Sixth Form Commons sits on the top two floors of the new Sir David Lees Innovation Centre. Named after the School’s fondly remembered former Principal, the space is dedicated to Year 12 and 13 'A level' students as they prepare for life at leading universities around the world.

The guiding principle behind the design of the Commons was to create a facility that reflects the feel of a university. With stunning views of the Chao Phraya River, the area provides classrooms, breakout and collaboration rooms, Sixth-Form student support offices, dedicated Higher Education support resources, a café,individual and group study areas and a general social space. Staff, students and Higher Education experts were all consulted on the design of this important area within the school.

Shrewsbury, Riverside’s, increased Senior School capacity means we can continue to develop our Outreach and academic enrichment programmes that provide a balance between formal lessons and extracurricular activities. The new Sixth-Form space introduces students to innovative ways of working and encourages them to be the driving force behind their own studies. With the School already providing pathways to the World’s top universities, the Sixth Form ‘space to think’ will enable staff and students to build on the school’s existing success and continue to push ever higher.




Shrewsbury Sport has taken a giant leap forward in 2021 with the opening of of our new fully air-conditioned Sports Performance Complex, incorporating a 1480 sqm Sports Hall and a 340sqm Sports and Conditioning Suit, plus brand-new Yoga and Spin studios. 

This facility improves the provision for our physical education educators, allowing representative teams to engage in fantastic opportunities to compete at the highest level, both in Bangkok and overseas. ‘Team Shrewsbury,’ the school’s elite student-athletes, benefit immeasurably from the sleek and modern Strength and Conditioning (S&C) zone. Inspired by ‘Powerbase’ at the leading UK sports university, Loughborough, the S&C Zone is the finest example of its kind in Thailand. The new facility (part of the vision for Project 2021) is a vital tool for enhancing individual endurance and performance and team training concepts that sit at the heart of Shrewsbury’s “healthy lifestyle” philosophy. 

In addition to outstanding city-centre indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, the new Sports Performance Complex provides students with:

  • 1480 sqm air-conditioned Sports Hall, incorporating
    • Two extra basketball courts (added to the existing three already available on site)
    • A top-class, purpose-built Netball Court - the first in Thailand
    • Improved Badminton and Volleyball Facilities
  • 340 sqm professional athlete-standard Strength and Conditioning Suite
  • 80 sqm Yoga Room
  • 80 sqm Spin Bike Studio


Shrewsbury International School, Riverside, is justifiably proud of its new Senior School and looks forward to welcoming families, current and new, to visit this amazing new development at Thailand’s leading international school.


With inspirational views of mighty Chao Phraya River, the Sir David Lees Innovation Centre and Sports Performance Complex hosts:

  • 18 new High-Specification Science laboratories
  • 16 Mathematics Classrooms
  • Four Computing suites, an Innovation Space and Robotics lab
  • Split-level 4000 sqm Sixth Form Centre
  • 700 seat air-conditioned Dining Hall
  • 1480 sqm air-conditioned Sports Hall
  • 340 sqm Strength and Conditioning Zone
  • Student-led Cafe
  • Breakout Spaces
  • Space to accommodate a diverse community of 1,370 Senior Students by 2026

The new Senior School has been developed with the input of staff, students and expert providers from across the world. It has been designed to fully support the current and future needs of  Shrewsbury’s talented community. Further details of this process and the rationale behind the design are provided in the following sections.

Contact our admissions team today to book your tour of our amazing 43 rai Riverside campus.



The opening of the new Senior School building and Sports Performance complex in August 2021 will pave the way for the complete re-modelling of our existing Senior and Sports buildings over the following 3 years. Briefly this will include:

  • Relocation of the Art Department next to the newly re-furbished Design Technology department to form a joint creative arts centre.
  • Refurbishment of all Senior School classrooms, extension of the examination hall, and creation of a flexible performance/presentation space to supplement our existing recital hall and auditorium
  • Air conditioning upgrade to the existing sports hall
  • Indoor 4m climbing wall
  • 6 bay golf simulator
  • 300sqm indoor space for Pre-Prep P.E. and recreational play

Plans are also being finalised to refurbish the Pre-Prep and Prep school buildings and running track.


Recently completed PROJECTS


  • Early Years Garden Remodel (7.9m THB, August 2020)
  • Design Technology Centre (21.9m THB, August 2020)
  • Reception, Shop, Marketing & Admissions (8.7m THB, August 2020)
  • Central air conditioning and filtration system (5.8m THB, December 2019)
  • School Library (21.3m THB, August 2019)
  • School Medical Centre (3.8m THB, August 2019)
  • Staff Room (7.9m THB, August 2019)