Mr Brimsted comes to Shrewsbury, Riverside, after teaching for eight years in the UK before moving to Abu Dhabi in the UAE, where he delivered stellar Art and Design classes. Both he and his wife decided they wanted to work in Asia and researched many International Schools in a range of countries in Asia. Shrewsbury Riverside Bangkok stood out; its excellent reputation is a known quantity among teaching circles. 

“In my short time here and throughout the application process, I have learnt that Shrewsbury is a forward-thinking school that puts a lot of effort into staff development. I am very excited to be here,” he enthused.

So far, he considers his most significant career achievement as successfully running an Art department while achieving outstanding grades for his pupils. 

“I like to create an environment where students are keen to problem solve, build relationships with peers, staff and the community - while adapting when challenges arise. I foster this by consistently encouraging students to take risks in a comfortable and trusting environment and allow them to engage with new experiences in and out of the classroom.”

Art is not his only passion, however. At a younger age, he took the risk to follow his football dream and competed against the likes of Bayern Munich.

“Hobbies are a crucial part to being a good teacher as it gives you perspective and encourages you to think outside the box. I enjoy cinema, regular exercise, I play as much sport as my body allows me to, and I have a huge passion for coffee!”

For Mr Brimsted, a few choice keywords come to mind when he considers what makes a successful teacher - ones he feels have helped him create a thriving student environment.

“Trust, consistency, fairness, belief, enjoyment and care. If pupils know you care and believe in their progress, trust your advice and knowledge and see this consistently, then you have a recipe for a successful teacher - I try to live by this mantra.”

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