On 22nd January, the Music Department at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside was once again proud to host the regional auditions for the Royal College of Music (RCM), London, led by world-renowned pedagogue and Head of Keyboard, Professor Vanessa Latarche.

Select students from across South East Asia were invited to audition for a place in one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, including Shrewsbury students.

In previous years (and we hope again this year), the RCM auditions have yielded a number of offers for Shrewsbury students to continue their studies at the world-renowned conservatoire, recently including the likes of Manee (B) Lin (Class of 2019), and Supanee (Nee) Sonchaiwanich (Class of 2017), as well as Class of 2014 pianist, Yeji Yoon, who has returned to teach at Shrewsbury this year and help nurture the current crop of aspiring keyboard players.

In addition to the auditions, Professor Latarche gladly accepted the invitation to hold a masterclass for eight lucky Shrewsbury pianists across six different year groups – an honour they will not likely forget.

Professor Latarche was hugely impressed by the talent being nurtured at Shrewsbury at one point asking the assembled parents and teachers in the audience; “What are you feeding them!”

Prof Latarche was particularly surprised by musical maturity and skill of two Year 7 music scholars Yuqiao and In-In, who chose pieces that would have provided a real challenge to pianists of much greater age and experience.

“I am looking forward to seeing you again in a few years, when you have grown a bit”, she remarked.

It is very encouraging for our students to have received such positive feedback from such a highly regarded industry professional as Professor Latarche; a fantastic opportunity for them, and a real endorsement for the talent and quality of teaching offered here at Shrewsbury

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