In the next academic year, Shrewsbury’s Year 3 students and their parents will be set a unique challenge, with families given an extraordinary opportunity to grow and evolve their child’s musical excellence. 

Led by Shrewsbury’s highly skilled and experienced Junior music leaders, ‘A Year in Music’ gives every Shrewsbury Year 3 child the opportunity to receive the finest expert tuition on an instrument of their choice and start the journey of personal musical mastery. At the end of 12 months, their endeavours will culminate in an end-of-year performance like no other -  a full orchestral concert. 

Shrewsbury is no stranger to musical excellence; our current students and alumni hold a catalogue of internationally acclaimed awards. The expertise of our musical programme is bright and visible. 

Our Year 3 Orchestral Programme is designed to start from a formative stage in child development. It encourages students to develop confidence in performance, enhance their coordination, foster social skills and community spirit, and nurture patience and team working as part of an ensemble. 

Year 3 students with no prior musical knowledge may choose from instruments from across the orchestra - specifically designed with the younger learner in mind. From strings to woodwind and even brass - tuition will cover all bases - setting our younger minds up for long-term success.

Learning one of these five instruments will allow children to develop the musical skills to perform confidently as an orchestral player and progress through the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examinations, first awarded in 1889 in London. 

Our specialist teachers will guide students through notation and reading skills and practical first-hand support through a live orchestral setting. Instruments are provided free of charge as part of Shrewsbury’s commitment to musical excellence, with weekly classes taught as part of the curriculum.

Proud parents and families will witness the extraordinary results made possible by our team of critically acclaimed musical masters. An informative demonstration of ‘work in progress will be held at the end of Term One. In Term Two, each instrumental group will perform a selection of pieces and the culmination of the school year comes to an end with a full orchestral performance.

We’ll follow up on this story towards the end of Term One to see how our young musical performers are progressing. 

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