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Congratulations to Tuang for her offer to read Computer Science at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.
Tuang chose to move to Shrewsbury from a bilingual school in Year 10, seeking a broader curriculum and internationally recognised qualifications that would lead her to top world university. 
With 11 A*s at GCSE and a place Cambridge to her name, it was a decision that has clearly paid dividends. And whilst Shrewsbury’s academic reputation was certainly a pivotal factor in choosing Riverside, Tuang is also extremely grateful that everything that she’d heard about the environment here - the challenging but friendly and supportive culture, as well as wide-ranging opportunities - were reflected in her own experience, and the friendships she has consequently made in 4 years at Riverside.
For Tuang, one of the key draws of Computer Science is the crossover with mathematics, a subject which she has always shown significant natural ability. However, as she has delved deeper into the mathematical applications in computing - having started Computer Science formally at Year 12 - she has increasingly realised that it is the problem-solving element that she particularly enjoys; and that’s just as well, given the type of problems she was presented at the Cambridge interview!
Conducted online - and ironically, where the professors were experiencing some issues with their own computers - Tuang admits she made some mistakes along the way during her interview, but her ability to articulate her thought processes and apply the knowledge she had at her disposal, proved to the Cambridge team that she had the critical thinking skills she needs to thrive in academia. 
With a particular interest in human-machine interaction, Tuang is considering a future career in the rapidly-evolving field of Artificial Intelligence, but has already used her coding skills to develop real world applications. For example, as part of her Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh International Award, Tuang spent time teaching at a local school in Ayutthaya. The experience inspired her to develop a fun, educational computer game for the students to help engage them in mathematical learning.
In the Sixth Form she’s also enjoyed her participation in the Equity Partnership; a charitable programme supported by Government’s Equitable Education Fund which brings together students from international and local schools to develop, market and sell locally sourced commercial products, and to both share and develop key entrepreneurial intelligence in the process.
Tuang, who also has an offer to Manchester and is waiting on other UK applications, is looking forward to the prospect of life in Cambridge, its magical architecture, and the intimate surrounds of Fitzwilliam College. In turn, we at Shrewsbury look forward to watching Tuang’s progress with interest, and wish her the best of luck! 

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