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Congratulations to Deputy Head Boy, Teddy, for his Early Decision offer to study Economics at UPenn.
Teddy joined Shrewsbury in Year 9, allowing him to experience the broad Key Stage 3 curriculum, before making his GCSE subject choices, and in turn selecting his focused A level selections which have paved the way to studying a subject he loves at a world-renowned Ivy League university.
In doing so, he follows a family interest in Economics; his father also completed an undergraduate degree in the subject, and discussions about world economies and current affairs over the years have helped to shape his fascination in the field. That said, Teddy also intends to take full advantage of the broad-ranging opportunities that UPenn’s liberal arts programme has to offer. 
Teddy chose to move to Shrewsbury in Year 9 for a more academically challenging and stimulating environment, and says that he has really benefited from being surrounded by peers with such wide-ranging interests and opinions, whilst working in a uniquely collaborative and respectful way. 
For Teddy, this sense of teamwork and collective ambition was felt no-where more than within the basketball programme. Indeed, he still looks back his team’s gold medal victory in the U15 FOBISIA Games as one of his most cherished Shrewsbury memories, and feels honored that his dedication to school sport was honoured by his promotion to the silver tier of the school’s elite athlete programme in this, his final year.  
The leadership he has demonstrated on the basketball court has also translated to his role within the Sixth Form executive, where he has enjoyed working in partnership with teachers to re-frame the opportunities for student leadership, and ensure an even more powerful voice for student stakeholders in the development of the school going forward.
Like all of Shrewsbury’s graduating class, Teddy is hopeful that the global pandemic will not prevent him from meeting his new classmates and enjoying the full freshman experience this coming fall. We’re sure, however, that whatever the future holds, Teddy will continue to demonstrate the strength of character that has made him such a popular and valued member of the Shrewsbury community. Good luck Teddy!

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