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A huge congratulations to Parn for her unconditional offer to study at Chulalongkorn Faculty of Medicine. Parn, who has taken on the unenviable task of four A-Levels (three sciences and maths), also scored an impressive 16.3 in the BMAT tests, making her an obvious candidate to start her education at one of Thailand’s premier school’s to study Medicine.

Parn wasn’t always interested in Medicine as a career. However, after fate dealt her a severe sports injury playing Basketball and the restorative powers the physician had on her recovery - she began to consider it a possibility. 

“I just remember how painful it was and how restrictive my movement was afterwards. The doctor who saw me ensured I had good rehabilitation, and I healed pretty quickly. From there, I considered orthopaedics as an option after school. I am open to other specialism also, so I can’t be happier at the moment.”

Parn was still concerned about one component of the application process - the dreaded interview. Students here are subjected to a number of difficult ethical questions where there can be no right answer. Students are assessed on their conviction and ability to be sure of their choices, not whether the interviewer agrees with them or not.

“It was the longest 12 minutes of my life! Medical school hopefuls are lucky in that we prepare meticulously for all types of scenarios that the interviewers throw at us. Shrewsbury gives us the best shot at being successful. However, when you are in there, it is very daunting and intimidating. They give you no cues and are very blank-faced, so you really don’t know until you receive an offer.”

Joining the school in EY1, Parn has known no other school but Shrewsbury, and so leaving what she calls her ‘second home’ will be a difficult transition, but she is ready for something new.

“Shrewsbury is a warm community where students, teachers and even alumni have a close bond and help each other willingly. I will always be a part of this place and intend on paying my own success forward by helping future graduates.”

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