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Congratulations to Mia on her Early Decision offer to Boston University, where she will major in Clinical Psychology. 

Australian national, Mia, moved to Bangkok in 2019, having previously lived in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Canberra. And whilst opting for a US university is not a typical route for Shrewsbury’s Australian students, for Mia, the chance to study at one of the world’s best psychology departments was too good to refuse. 

The Boston campus, integrated into a vibrant, cosmopolitan city was also a huge draw, and for the “army kid” who due to her father’s work has rarely spent more than two years in any one place, the prospect of now spending four years really getting to know the City is one that she is relishing. She will miss Thailand, of course; a place where she has seen something new, and that has made her smile, every day. Bangkok and the friends she has made here will always be in her heart, she says.

Currently studying Biology, Psychology and English A levels, Mia was attracted by Shrewsbury’s highly-regarded Sixth Form programme and focused A level offerings. It is a decision, she says, that has really paid off, and has really enjoyed rising to the challenge of the A level experience and the relationships she’s developed with teachers who ‘go above and beyond’ to support their students.

She has also benefited from Shrewsbury’s award-winning Higher Education counselling, and particularly from the sage and straight forward advice of Ms Dunnham; one of two full-time US college specialists, who has also settled well into the Shrewsbury community since joining in September. 

One piece of advice she’d pass on to younger students herself is to start their university research, and to progress the content of applications to chosen institutions, as early as possible. With her place at Boston now confirmed, Mia is relieved to now not be waiting on further applications whilst completing her A level studies. 

That said, she also says that a focus on the future should never stand in the way of other opportunities and interests at school, and that she has gained a great deal from participation in service and outreach activities at Shrewsbury, specifically the Habitat for Humanity club. This has all been part of a rewarding two-year journey at Shrewsbury; a place that Mia describes as motivating, engaging and welcoming.

Good luck Mia. Your time with us may have been short, but it was certainly sweet (and not just due to one of Mia’s own highlights - the Friday ice-creams !)

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