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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Kaow Pun


Congratulations to Kaow Pun, for his acceptance to the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai. The great news marks the beginning of a very personal journey; Kaow Pun has set his sights on since he witnessed his father undergo a serious heart operation. Stunned by the care and skill shown during that difficult time, Kaow Pun has since idolised the doctor who saved his dad’s life and now has the opportunity to pay it forward.

Also accepted into Khon Kaen University, Kaow Pun ultimately chose Chiang Mai on the advice of friends and Shrewsbury Alumni who spoke of the great community and faculty members who take time to get to know their students. After scoring well on his BMAT and completing an impressive portfolio, Kaow Pun gave a very personal, heartfelt interview, which he believes was part of why he is now on a path to becoming a doctor.

An active member of the Shrewsbury community, Kaow Pun a keen volleyballer and food connoisseur, ensured the school’s food was up to standard as a vocal member of the Food Committee. Nutrition is an integral part of his day-to-day life, and in between study, he plans to upskill his Japanese and Italian culinary skills.

Having joined as a Sixth-Form student after his brother, Pan (Class of 2019) was successful in entering the University of Bath, Kaow Pun says it was a great choice to move schools and focus on A Levels.

“My Mum was pretty vocal about making the switch, especially after my brother did so well. Although the initial move was challenging, I am so glad I came to Shrewsbury. The students here are so focused, and it really pushes you toward achieving your best,” he said.

Despite a few years away yet, Kaow Pun considers cardiology as his specialism of choice, given his own family’s experience. However, he also says becoming a reconstructive surgeon is also on his radar. Whatever he chooses, Kaow Pun’s single-mindedness and dedication have got him this far, and so we wish him luck in Chiang Mai.

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