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A warm congratulations to Year 13 student JJ, who has accepted an offer to study at Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Sciences (PCCMS). The course is a seven-year commitment, one of which will be a research project taken on-site at University College, London.

Although JJ carefully researched a number of different institutions, he felt that PCCMS suited him the best due to its general feeling of togetherness. While attending their open house, he was welcomed by other students (some alumni from Shrewsbury) and greeted by professors, too, something he says was a little extraordinary.

"Some of the ''bigger'' medical schools in Thailand probably don't have the time to have an individualised approach - but this is what I got at PCCMS. Ultimately this was how PCCMS became my first choice, and I am delighted to have received an offer."

JJ is another dedicated student who has chosen four A-Levels in Maths and the three sciences - giving him a solid academic background for what lies ahead in his tertiary study. Although his offer is unconditional - he still intends on doing as well as possible as he completes his A level programmes, seeing this continued application to his studies as a dress rehearsal for university.

Having joined Shrewsbury in the Sixth-Form due to it’s reputation for excellent results and the school’s more focused A-Level curriculum, JJ follows in his brother Job's (Class of 2019) footsteps who was also academically gifted and received an offer to study at the University of Nottingham.

JJ took on the challenge of the dreaded medical interview with aplomb deciding to go against the grain and argue both sides of the ethical dilemma interviewers pose. His understanding of the material impressed the recruiters, and he received a number of offers not long after. He says the preparation and confidence-building that Shrewsbury's Higher Education team offer was instrumental in helping him mentally throughout the whole process.

"The staff in the HE Team, with a special mention for Mr Markes, are incredible. They get you to focus on the material you must cover, remind you of the deadlines that are always looming and review our portfolios to see if we can make any adjustments. I can truly say I wouldn't have done as well as I did without their help."

The committed JJ will remember his time at Shrewsbury for much more than just academics. A member of the Habitat for Humanity team, he has been involved in hands-on labour to construct homes for those in need and has volunteered at a school for the blind as well. He says these experiences have helped him understand the importance of the profession he intends on dedicating himself.

"Just the wealth of opportunities - that's the reason Shrewsbury is great. There are so many different things to get involved with that help grow you as a person, expose you to things you may enjoy, and give you a chance to help others."

We hope that you continue to do well in all your many endeavours, JJ!

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