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Congratulations to Jam on her Early Decision offer to study Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University. Jam, who also intends to minor in Entrepreneurship, is currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths A levels, and became interested in the Biomedical field after taking part in a pre-university summer programme at the University of British Columbia two years ago, where she quickly realised that this was a field that would allow her to pursue and explore her wide-ranging scientific interests.
The ultimate choice of Northwestern, however, was a little more of a surprise given that her search initially started with near-namesake Northeastern, but was immediately struck by the picturesque surrounds of the Illinois campus. Students who opt for the Early Decision route to a chosen US university are committed to accepting an offer, should it transpire, and Jam saw the opportunity to seize this chance at such a prestigious private research and teaching university as Northwestern as a ‘once in a lifetime’ event that was simply too good to miss.
In addition to her A level studies, Jam believes that her continued involvement in the International Award programme and her Extended Project Qualification - exploring which mind and body problem is most logical in relation to pain - was also looked upon favourably by Northwestern.
“My grades have not always matched my potential”, Jam acknowledges, “but I think universities also think carefully about students’ commitment to their studies; genuine curiosity in their own subjects and in wider issues, which also demonstrate a willingness to consider broader perspectives. The EPQ is a real opportunity to show that”. 
The encouragement and support that Jam received from her EPQ supervisor, Ms Pitts, encapsulates the positive learning environment that she has grown to love during her 15 years at the school, and which she will look back on with particular fondness. 
“Shrewsbury is such a great place to learn. I’ve found that the people here - especially in the Sixth Form - love to share ideas and support each other’s journeys. I think we’ve all grown as a cohort because of that culture”. Jam continues, “I also have to thank my teachers for having faith in me, and for challenging me to push myself and realise the potential they see in me.”
Congratulations to Jam and good luck in the next stage of your learning journey!

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