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Despite coming from a family of doctors, Hoya’s acceptance to The Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, was never a foregone conclusion. In fact, the talented musician always thought her future lay in performing arts and nowhere near a doctor’s office. However, over time her love for studying sciences has gravitated her towards a career much like her father’s, and she couldn’t be happier.

Hoya arrived at Shrewsbury in Year 9, and by her own admission, had not been achieving the grades she was capable of. However,  Hoya has since turned that around - prioritising her time better and engaging in coursework with the help of Shrewsbury teachers and dedicated peers.

“I was getting C’s before I came to Shrewsbury, and I didn’t think I had scored high enough to pass the entrance exam either. I must have just scraped in - either way, it was a great move because Shrewsbury solidified a dedication in me that wasn’t there before.”

Surprised by the constant effort fellow classmates employed in their day-to-day, Hoya felt the (positive) pressure to pick up her academic game and become more active in the Shrewsbury community. In recent times, Hoya has taught English to street kids at ‘The Hub’ and was also the student Creative Director for Operation Smile - a charity that corrects facial injuries for free with the help of Thailand’s finest plastic surgeons. Disappointingly, Hoya and others could not go on the last trip due to COVID-19 restrictions, yet she ensured the good work promoting Operation Smile continued.

Hoya was attracted to the course at Srinakharinwirot University due to its partnership with the University of Nottingham which means part of her study will be spent in England - a real drawcard. 

“First up is a six-month preparatory course in Thailand before departing for preclinical studies at the University of Nottingham for two-and-half years. There we complete an honours year project in order to receive a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Nottingham. After that, we complete three years of clinical studies in Thailand. It is a pretty immersive course, and I get to experience English culture too!”

Hoya says that she is pleased many of her friends will have already been in England by the time she gets there (COVID-19 dependent) and so they can show her the sights on weekends off.

“So many of my cohort have already received fantastic offers, and many more will. It is the expectation and the environment that creates this. My school previously was nothing like that, so it came as a shock to me at first. But now I realise my possibilities are much greater than they were before. Shrewsbury has helped me be the best version of myself academically, presentably and socially.”

Hoya gives particular thanks to her Science teachers, who give insightful and interactive lessons on a day-to-day basis as well as provide pastoral support to whoever needs it. 

“Shrewsbury is more than just a school or a place to learn. It is a community where people you meet are more like friends and family.”


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