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Congratulations to Aiko for her Early Decision Offer to Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, in the US. The well-regarded, medium-sized liberal arts University is considered as one of the best in the country. It is known for its collaborative tuition style, and Aiko is very much looking forward to beginning her tertiary career there.

A visit in 2019 first gave Aiko the impetus to apply to Tufts, saying that the university admissions staff were encouraging and let her see every aspect of the school - right down to its family feel and familiar residences.

“I really wanted a school that made me feel at home, and that is the vibe I got at Tufts. I like the city of Boston as well, so I couldn’t be happier with the offer to travel to the US to study there.”

Arriving as a Year 7 to Shrewsbury, Aiko has been an active member of the student body, throwing herself into different areas of academia and co-curricular activities. One of the first students to put their hands up for the fledgling Equity Partnership, Aiko helped students from a rural school in Kanchanaburi to design and sell a Mulberry Tea product - eventually selling out of their product online. Also, an academic mentor last year - Aiko has never been shy to help out others,’

“The great thing about Shrewsbury as it has something for everyone and a number of different pathways to explore your passions. It is competitive, but not in a negative way - everyone helps drive each other on, and I think this balance of service-learning and academic learning is why so many of us do so well.”

The former Deputy House Captain and current Prefect has a busy schedule of four A levels, including Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Psychology, and intends on trying out a lot more than that at Tufts.’

“The best things about a school such as Tufts is that in your first year, you are encouraged to dabble in other subject areas - it is not restrictive as some other schools can be. I intend on taking some Japanese and continuing my love of psychology while I am there.”

With the current global situation still in a state of flux, Aiko says she may defer if she feels uncomfortable to travel as she doesn’t want to miss out on the all-important freshman year in Boston. Whatever she chooses, you can be confident she will give it her best shot!

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