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Congratulations to Bhu, on his offer from Stanford University, making this the third year in a row that Shrewsbury students have secured offers from Stanford.
Whilst he also awaits other applications from top UK and US universities, Bhu is excited by Stanford’s Product Design programme; an approach which focuses more on function and application, and which, he says, would balance his skills and interests in aesthetic design.
He’s particularly interested in the research Stanford conducts into the marketing, policy and consumer behaviour surrounding sustainable products, and where changes can be made to make them more commercially successful.
Bhu has himself been a strong voice in the Shrewsbury community around issues of sustainability and particularly plastic waste, notably setting up the award-winning Poly Poly Plastic eco project, which seeks to both reduce and transform plastic waste into new and useful products. A recent internship in Chiang Mai’s Bope-Shop allowed him to explore this further, and particularly see how domestic upcycling can work on a commercial scale; something that he says is more important than ever, given the potential impacts of the current pandemic on both consumer behaviour and public policy focus.
Whilst his current A levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics - underline Bhu’s aptitude for STEM subjects, he has enjoyed the full range of academic and co-curricular opportunities at Shrewsbury since joining us in Year 8. A gifted musician, Bhu has enjoyed his participation in Shrewsbury’s choirs and orchestras, and still vividly remembers the student art that he saw on his tour of the school and which was a defining factor in his decision to move here.
We’ve since had the pleasure of enjoying many of his own masterpieces, and celebrated his achievement in winning at Cambridge International Examination Board “Top in the World” award for his IGCSE art portfolio; one of 18 such accolades awarded to Shrewsbury artists since 2004, and which Bhu earned alongside his “Best Across 8 GCSEs” award and 12A* grades.
Whilst his artistic musings are currently confined to his sketchbook - which he returns to in his down-time away from his academic studies - he’s really enjoyed being part of the creative environment at Shrewsbury, and where the recently renovated design technology space stands out as one of his favourite places to be and collaborate with fellow students. 
“Shrewsbury is an amazing place. It’s not just the facilities or the opportunities, it’s the people. Everyone has so many ideas and perspectives that they’re willing to share and that we all feed off. It’s a really inclusive community that really broadens your own outlook, and actually encourages you to apply and contribute your knowledge in different and positive ways”.
Well, Bhu, whichever university you choose, we’re certainly looking forward to following your future with interest. Keep those ideas flowing!

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