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UK author gives exclusive first reading of new book

The Library was abuzz with excitement as it welcomed Sally Flint, armed with a collection of her books to read with students. 

Sally is a British librarian-turned-author, who holds two Masters degrees and a library Diploma. Her books discuss important issues, ranging from ageing and dementia to over-reliance on technology. Sally’s unique writing style brings warmth and humour to a range of topics, making her books safe and accessible for young children. 

City Campus students were privileged to be the first group of children to hear from Sally’s newly published book, ‘I Love My Grandpa’, read by the author herself. This heartwarming story explores the loving relationship between Chris and his grandpa, as Chris helps his grandpa to navigate and manage his developing dementia. Sally explained to our children that people with this illness still have feelings, a sense of humour and continue to contribute meaningfully to society. 
The author encouraged students to join in with the chorus of her story, 'Just Five More Minutes'. Sally even managed to elicit from the children a promise to allow their parents 'five more minutes' extra sleep at the weekends - something to look forward to! 

Our children took much value from meeting Sally and enjoying her stories. The author’s visit gave new opportunities for our children to develop empathy and understanding towards others. 

Sally Flint’s books are all in the school’s Library, and available to buy here

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