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982 Rim Klong Samsen Road (Rama 9), Bang Kapi, Huai Kwang, Bangkok 10310. Thailand 

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Maths is Everywhere!

We absolutely love Maths at Shrewsbury City Campus, and celebrating our love for the subject today has been a real highlight of the term! 

World Maths Day is one of the world’s largest educational events of the year. Its aim is to connect the global learning community and foster friendships between children and different cultures as they learn to excel in Mathematics together. We absolutely love Maths at Shrewsbury City Campus, and celebrating our love for the subject has been a real highlight of the term!

In true City Campus style, the day was filled with creative and engaging activities enjoyed by children of all ages. Head of Maths, Mr Sheffield, created a fantastic video that explained how Maths is all around us; from using Mental Maths to work out how much money we need to pay in restaurants and shops, to calculating how much of each ingredient to use when we’re baking, and even when we’re playing video games and need to estimate angles to make the right step - we use Maths every day.

Inspired by Mr Sheffield’s “Maths is Everywhere” video, both Class and Specialist Teachers adapted their lessons on World Maths Day to highlight how Maths is used in each and every subject.

In the Library, Year 6 children enjoyed the challenge of using the Dewey Decimal System to find their books.

Whilst in Swimming, Year 2 children had a wonderful time playing Maths-based games in the pool!

In Design & Technology, robots were programmed to draw different shapes, which proved to be challenging. However, our clever Year 3’s prevailed and were successful in their mission.

In Music, an array of Maths themed songs were sung and played, and in Mandarin, students even learnt how to calculate on virtual Chinese abacuses!

Early Year 2 classes made their way through various Maths-based obstacle courses.

Even our Nursery children had a wonderful time celebrating World Maths Day. The children set their classroom’s table for lunch and counted out how many of each utensil each setting needed. What a fun way to encourage Mental Maths!

Mr Sheffield also challenged students from across the school to participate in a competition that required the children to take a video or picture of themselves using Maths outside of the classroom. Submissions have included students measuring different proportions of ingredients for pancakes, counting money in shops to buy healthy snacks, and even calculating the perfect angle to hit the target in archery. We are looking forward to finding out who the winners will be!

Thank you, Mr Sheffield, for inspiring us all to recognise and appreciate the Maths we use every day.