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A Time of Transition

An introduction to Riverside for our Year 6 community 

A Time of Transition
Ms Dennison hosted the school’s annual ‘An introduction to Riverside’ event, as this year’s cohort of Year 6 families at City Campus prepare to take up their guaranteed places at the Senior School at Riverside in August.

It was reported that last year’s City Campus alumni are settling in very well at Riverside after completing their first term in Year 7. This was a true testament to how City Campus and Riverside prepare students for the transition, and was especially notable during the unprecedented year we’ve had in 2020. 

Transition events to provide clarity
Mr. Millar (Vice Principal, Senior School, Riverside) shared details of Shrewsbury’s carefully planned transition programme, which is specifically designed with Year 6 parents and children in mind. 

Mr. Millar’s key insight, gained from his decades of experience in education, was simple yet reassuring: “...students adapt incredibly quickly”. 

The Senior School journey
Mr. Seal, Principal at Riverside, then led parents through a virtual walk-through of Shrewsbury’s Senior School experience. 

The biggest difference that students notice is a more specialist approach to their learning. This paves the way for students to focus on a selection of iGCSEs before choosing their A-Level subjects, in preparation for undergraduate courses at top universities in the UK, the USA and around the world. 

On that note, a special congratulations was given to a selection of Year 13 Riverside pupils, who were preparing for their upcoming Oxbridge interviews.

Academic success is important, but it's not the only pillar of our excellence and ambition 
Mr. Seal continued the theme of ‘excellence’, by presenting parents with the varied and extensive list of extracurricular opportunities - and successes - available to pupils at the Senior School. 

City Campus students already enjoy a wide range of You-Time activities in the primary school - and at Riverside, transitioning students have the opportunity to continue and expand their pursuits of excellence from Year 7 onwards.

Sports, expeditions, enterprise, music, performing arts, charity work and fundraising and many many more - students take on many opportunities to lead and enjoy extra-curricular activities at Riverside. At Shrewsbury, we pioneer the importance of a healthy academic and extracurricular balance, in fulfilling the potential of well-rounded students. 

“How do you make a great school even greater? You have to refresh and renew” - Mr Seal 
Perhaps the most visionary part of this presentation was Mr Seal's overview of Riverside’s new Senior School building - an ambitious, world-class learning and performance complex which will add to and complement the school’s already outstanding facilities. 

Parents were guided through key highlights of the build, which includes dedicated space for academia, sports, pastoral care, creativity and dining - as well as groundbreaking new innovations in pedagogical design. 

“The community within” - Consultancy with parents through Shrewsbury Parents; listening to ambition and views
The parent community is an integral part of both City Campus and Riverside’s journey and growth. Listening to the ambitions and views of parents helps to make a Shrewsbury education what it is - a collaborative environment which puts the wellbeing and success of students at the heart of decision-making. 
Mr Seal thanked the City Campus Year 6 parent community and opened the floor to questions. 

Please see below FAQs regarding the transition from City Campus to Riverside:

Will my child stay with their current friends at the new campus? 
Yes. Students can nominate current friends from City Campus to stay with at Riverside. However, staff at both City Campus and Riverside provide many opportunities for students to grow and thrive in a new environment and encourage all students to widen their network as they progress through years 7 and 8. 

What modern languages feature on the secondary curriculum?
At Riverside, students can learn Mandarin, Japanese, French and Spanish. 

Is EAL (English as an Additional Language) tutoring available? 
Yes, EAL is available for all students - and the advice for parents at home is to encourage your child to read, read, read!

Will my child have the opportunity to continue their musical or sporting passion from primary to secondary school?
Absolutely! Staff at Riverside focus on every child in order to understand how best to help them access their desired sporting and/or musical activities in senior school. 

What is the difference between GCSE and iGCSE qualifications?
The main difference between a GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and an iGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is with regard to how they are regulated. GCSE’s are directly regulated by a department of the British Government called Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). This means that the UK government has a direct say on matters related to curriculum design and testing. iGCSEs do not come under the same regulatory restraints and are more suited to the international community. 

Keep the dialogue going to help children prepare for the transition
To close the event, Ms Dennison once again reminded our Year 6 parent community of Riverside’s upcoming transition events and encouraged parents to regularly talk to their children at home about this exciting journey ahead. The dialogue on the ground between teachers, students, parents across both campuses was a key strength in Shrewsbury Bangkok’s ongoing growth.

A Shrewsbury Education
All students at City Campus are given a guaranteed place in the Senior School at Riverside from Year 7. For more information, please contact the Admissions team on 02-203-1222 or email