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The City Campus Lectures

Join the Experts. Ask Your Questions. Know Your Child.


City Campus presents a series of informative lectures especially commissioned for parents of young children.


Selected dates, from March 2022.


A series of unique lectures delivered by experts in education and child development.

At each lecture, experts in a particular special field will share their wisdom about a key feature of child learning and development. We have selected a range of topics, relevant for parents of children aged 0-11.

In addition to access to specialist speakers, the series provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community, meet the Principal and Senior Management Team.


All lectures will take place at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, City Campus.


Registration is free. Please complete the form below to confirm your attendance




Accident Prevention for Children at Home - 29th March 2022
Presented by Samitivej Hospital 

 - Being aware of hazards in your home
 - Keeping your family safe on the roads
 - Protecting your children around water and in the sun
- First-Aid tips & CPR

Music & Child Development - 10th May 2022
Presented by City Campus' Music Department

 - Does playing an instrument make my child more intelligent?
 - How does music affect social-emotional behaviour and growth?
 - Motor skills and coordination
 - Language and literacy
 - How can a parent ensure that their child receives the very best support?

Embracing English as a Second Language. 14th June 2022
Presented by City Campus' EAL Department

 - How learner type and exposure source affect a child’s development in English
 - The importance of reading in developing English communication skills
 - How EAL support benefits the mainstream classroom
 - Impact of Intrinsic motivation factors on learning English

How to Immerse Your Child in Thai & Mandarin Language - 20th September 2022
Presented by City Campus' Mandarin and Thai Departments

 - Further details to follow

Preparing for Senior School - 4th October 2022
Presented by Amanda Dennison, Principal, City Campus and Rob Millar, Vice Principal and Head of Senior, Riverside Campus

 - Further details to follow

Social Emotional Learning: Helping your Child Thrive - 8th November 2022
Presented by Khun Pook, Childhood Psychologist & Shrewsbury School Governor

 - Child developmental psychology: How awareness of each developmental stage can inform skill building in young children at home and in school
 - Emotional literacy: How to help children gain awareness of their feelings and regulate emotions
 - Character building: How character education and active learning in school promotes resilience and independence in young children
 - Social skills: How social awareness and social skills help foster secure relationships and inform how your child interacts with the world

Encouraging creativity - Art and Design & Technology - 7th February 2023
Presented by City Campus' Art and D&T Departments

 - Further details to follow