Ms Dennison introduces November's Value of the Month. 

What do you do to keep healthy? How can we help our children to do the same? City Campus announced it’s Value of the Month, Health & Wellbeing, launched by the Principal in a special assembly. 

Ms Dennison began by asking students to share their thoughts on a healthy lifestyle. The children had clearly taken note of the Value of the Month posters that were displayed around the campus. Many hands went up in the auditorium, as children shared their bedtime routines, the importance of exercise and healthy eating, positive thinking, and looking after ourselves in the sun.

Students were then invited onto stage to rearrange various ingredients into their correct food groups, with help from the audience. 

After hearing more about the benefits of proteins, carbohydrates, dairy and vitamins & minerals, the Principal went all to encourage us all to make ourselves ‘rainbow plates’ at mealtimes. Ms Dennison shared her top tips to help the children make good choices for their plates at lunchtimes: 

  • Look at what your teachers are choosing - they are excellent role models for healthy eating 
  • Take a walk along the serving stations, look at the choices first and plan what you would like 
  • Tell the catering staff politely what size portion you would like 
  • Use a tray to help you carry a salad bowl and fruit plate alongside your main meal
  • Try not to rush, take your time!
  • Check your tray once you have made your choices...are there lots of colours?

As a school, it is important for us to encourage these healthy choices at an early age for our children, to help them form good habits for the rest of their lives. 

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