City Campus welcomes Riverside friends to Early Years Hub.

Early Years 2 children from City Campus and Riverside came together for a special morning of playdates in the Early Years Hub at City Campus. 

As usual, the classrooms and gardens were set up with carefully-chosen play experiences which, on this occasion, were designed to help the children from the two campuses to explore and interact together. Our visitors were given their very own treasure maps to navigate their way around the hub. 

The children particularly enjoyed leaping and bouncing their way around the Little Gym together. The girls and boys showed their bravery on the climbing wall, and spurred each other on to have a go at reaching the top! 


Having met for the first time, the children were slowly getting to know one another. They happily played alongside each other, and small buds of conversation began to bloom. 

Between City Campus and Riverside, there are plenty of opportunities for children and staff to continue to build strong connections across the campuses. For example, Year 1 at City Campus were delighted to welcome our Riverside peers to celebrate Africa Week. In addition, our Year 4 and 5 children had a great time during their visit to Riverside on Harry Potter Day. 

All City Campus students who graduate in Year 6 will be given a guaranteed place at Riverside for senior school. To find out more about the partnership between the two campuses, please contact

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