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Staff Committees

In addition to the Management and Leadership teams, a number of other staff-led committees meet on a regular basis. Some of these, such as the Charity Committee, work in parallel with student and parent bodies, to work towards common goals.

The main formal and formal staff-specific committees are:

The Staff Committee

The Staff Committee’s purpose is to listen to our all colleagues, new and old, and consider any issues that may arise. We provide opportunities for staff to professionally and confidentially communicate with the leaders and stakeholders at Shrewsbury International School. The committee provides and opens that crucial communication channel between staff, leaders and governors.

The Committee meets every half term and is represented by personnel from across the staff community. Any member of staff may volunteer to become a member of the committee, with a new Chair and Deputy normally appointed towards the end of each academic year.

The Committee has recently taken the lead on drafting a new Code of Conduct for employees.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is comprised of a group of voluntary staff from across our school community. Together, we organise different social events specifically for Shrewsbury staff members and their families.

We are responsible for organizing two major annual whole school events: The Christmas Party and the End of Term Summer Barbeque. Funding for these events comes from the Governors and a small termly contribution from all members of Staff.

The Social Committee arranges gifts for Staff who leave, get married or have babies.

Over the course of the year, the committee co-ordinates a number of smaller events and activities that include:  Staff Netball, Staff Football, Staff Quizzes, Staff Yoga, Charity Fundraisers and Informal staff room get-togethers, such as Pie and a Pint Friday.