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Shrewsbury International School awards scholarships to students who display outstanding talent in a range of disciplines. 

We welcome scholarship applications from both current students (where they have met the scholarship selection criteria) and prospective students throughout the year.

Where a prospective student meets both the criteria for application to the school, as well as the selection criteria for one of our scholarship programmes, they will be invited for interview and assessment / audition. Where possible, this will be scheduled to take place alongside the standard entry assessment tests. A scholarship application form (and supporting documents) will need to be submitted in addition to the standard application form.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are usually only offered to students entering Year 12 who show excellence and consistency in their academic endeavours. In addition applicants should be inquisitive, committed to learning and possess an open mind. Applicants will be required to sit an examination in each the four subjects that they intend to study at A Level and participate in interviews with Senior School leaders.

Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are usually only offered to students entering Year 10 or above who are able to demonstrate outstanding talent as well as a strong interest in Art. The ideal candidates will be creative risk-takers who show a willingness to be challenged. Applicants should be enthusiastic and productive as evidenced by their portfolio which should contain drawings that are from direct observation, as well as other work. During the interview, candidates should be able to discuss their awareness of a range of artists and talk about any visits they have made to galleries and exhibitions.

Drama Scholarships

Drama Scholarships are usually only offered to students entering Year 10 or above who are able to demonstrate outstanding talent as well as a strong interest in the performing arts. Drama scholars have a passion for the world of theatre and the performing arts, proven through performing experience and regularly seeing live theatre. It is expected that a Drama scholar will study AS and A Level Drama. They will also fully participate in the Drama Excellence Programme which stages three productions throughout the academic year. The ability to take on leading roles is expected, but they will also be able to demonstrate excellence as an ensemble performer or take a leading role as part of the production team.

Music Scholarships

Applications are welcome from musicians of any age, providing that the entry criteria are met. Scholars must be at least ABRSM Grade 8 standard in their first instrument, and should normally be Grade 6 standard in a second instrument or voice. Our Music Scholars are the backbone of the Music Excellence Programme and are therefore expected to represent the very highest standards in terms of ability and commitment. Our Music Scholars will demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for what they do and set an excellent example both within school and in the wider community.

Applying for Scholarships

The following application form should be completed for all of the above awards. More detailed application criteria are also

Accordion Scholarship Applications

Additional Awards for Current Students

In addition to the above awards, the following awards are presented to current students.

Honorary Academic Awards

These are awarded automatically and on an annual basis to students who produce exceptional performances in A-level or GCSE public examinations. These achievements, underpinned by a genuine dedication to academic study, embody the spirit of academic excellence that is fostered in our school.

Team Shrewsbury

Team Shrewsbury, school’s elite sporting programme, is designed to provide our highest achieving athletes with opportunities to develop their talents, and provide the support they need to achieve a appropriate balance between training and competition schedules and their academic studies.

The team, which has four levels ranging from our youngest elite blue athletes to our highest achieving elite gold students, is announced on an annual basis. Students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication in their chosen sporting discipline are invited to apply at a specified point in the academic year.

Fairbairn Exhibitions

The award was founded in memory of Mrs Carole Fairbairn, one of the School’s founding teachers who tragically lost her life in the Tsunami that struck Thailand in 2004.  The Exhibition is awarded annually to a select group of Year 6 students who following successful application and an multi-stage audition process, demonstrate special dedication, creative talent and flair in their studies; qualities and values that Carole Fairbairn brought to every aspect of her teaching, and which the award winners are expected to uphold throughout their life in the Senior School. All year 6 students receive an invitation to apply at a specified  point in the academic year.