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Our Parents

At Shrewsbury International School we know that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. We work side by side with parents to ensure that every child is happy and learning to the very best of their ability.

Day-to-day, our parents take an active interest in their child’s individual learning journey and work in partnership with academic staff, to review and provide feedback on their child’s progress. This partnership is supported by active electronic communication, face-to-face meetings and regular information-sharing and community events at school, many of which are led by the Parents themselves in conjunction with the Parents Association (SP) and/or class representatives.

Our parents embrace the vision, philosophy and moral ethos of a Shrewsbury education, understanding that life skills are just as important as academic success. To this end, our parents encourage and support their children to participate and excel in a wide range of pursuits beyond the classroom – and are present as often as they can be to provide support and offer praise as their child pursues their passions and hobbies; from sport, music, drama and art, to outdoor education and community service. At the same time, our parents are full partners in supporting the school and its vision, instilling in their child the knowledge that with ambition comes the need for integrity.