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Our Alumni

At Shrewsbury International School we are proud of all the exceptional students who have been part of the school community over the years. Some families are with us for just a short time whilst many others graduate after their A-level exams, having spent the entire 15 years of their school life at Shrewsbury.

Keeping in contact with students who have left Shrewsbury is very important regardless of the length of time that a student was with us and we are very grateful to the countless alumni who volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to help current students, and whose achievements both at school and beyond, serve to inspire the current generation.

Our Alumni Association (SISBAA) is always keen to hear from every former student to find out what they are doing now - so please, keep updating us and let us know how you are doing, or if you think your insights, experience and skills can be of help to current Shrewsbury students.

Please e-mail: or call 02 675 1888.