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House System

The House system at Shrewsbury International School was set up to enhance the sense of community within the school. It encourages participation in sporting and cultural activities, promotes leadership development and forms the framework for the “You-Time!” programme of after school activities.

Students are assigned to one of six Houses when they begin school and stay in the same House until they leave. Each house is named after a Nobel Peace Prize winner, reflecting both the school’s international nature and the organisational value of Care and Compassion.

Students can earn points for their House by participating in various sporting and cultural competitions throughout the year. These include the ever-popular Scene Fest drama event, Cheerleading, House Music Competition, and sporting events such as Cross Country, Sports Day, and Swimming Galas.

In the classroom environment, and around the school, students can gain house points for displaying positive behaviour, including completing work well, going out of their way to help others and showing initiative.

The Houses are also known by their alternative names: Lions (King); Phoenix (Teresa); Foxes (Mandela); Griffins (Suu Kyi); Bulls (Schweitzer); Dragons (Williams)