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The operation of Shrewsbury International School is overseen by a 11 person Board of Governors who advise The Principal on the full breadth of the school programme.

This advisory board meets three times a year and brings together a wide range of local, regional and international experience in education, legal matters, finance, child protection and safety.

Three representatives of Shrewsbury School (UK) sit on the Advisory Board, bringing their experience of school governorship in the UK context and ensuring that The School fully complies with the terms of the licensing arrangements.

The Executive Committee meets monthly and is chaired by The School Proprietor.  In this forum, selected representatives of the Board of Governors and The School’s Senior Management Team meet to ensure that The School’s operation is safe and secure and aligned with the priorities established in The School Development Plan. It has a role in setting short, medium and long term financial plans including the operational and capital development budgets.


The Board of Governors
Sir David Lees (Chairman) Former Chair of the Court of the Bank of England (independent)
Dr Jirayuth Mahattanakul Shrewsbury International School Manager and Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies at Mahanakorn University of Technology
Mrs Suchada Leeswadtrakul Businesswoman
Mr David Roberts Businessman and member of the Listing Committee of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
Mr Chali Sophonpanich President of City Reality Co Ltd, founder of Shrewsbury International School
Dr Kanokwan Wongwatanasin Chairperson of Internet Solution & Service Provider Co., Ltd
Chairperson of Thai Sugar Mill Co., Ltd.
Dr Suvarn Valaisathien Lawyer and a Former Government Minister
Ms Sarah Canning-Jones Lawyer
Ms Carla Howarth Managing Director, GTC Ltd (Global Training Consultancy Ltd)
Member of Governing Body of Shrewsbury School UK
Mrs Supawan Lamsam Businesswoman and representative of Brown University in Thailand
Mr John Clarke Former Senior Tutor, Eton College