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Community Celebrations

At Shrewsbury International School we share and celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of our international community.

Starting with our very youngest students, our approach emphasizes the importance of tolerance, understanding and respect for different cultures and religions; themes which often feature in the School’s ‘Value of the Month’ initiative.

It is of course particularly important for our young people to understand the heritage, etiquette and language of Thailand; the country in which they currently live and study, and in which many will eventually undertake their Higher Education and professional life. All of our students take part in timetabled Thai Studies lessons up until year 9, whilst international students also have the option to continue these lessons throughout IGCSE. The School organizes whole school events to celebrate a number of Thai festivals throughout the year, including Loy Krathong, Songkran, and the King’s Birthday.

We also celebrate many other the major international festivals including Chinese New Year, Christmas and Diwali, the Hindu Festival of light; joyful, vibrant events that bring the whole school community together, and for which the parent community are often at the very heart of the preparations. These events also involve related classroom teaching and activities that provide an opportunity for more detailed teaching and enquiry about the origin and significance of these festivals to their respective cultures and religions.