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Art & Design

Walking through the corridors of Shrewsbury International School, visitors are overwhelmed by the creativity on display. Canvasses, sculpture, pottery and installation art are everywhere - a living gallery of ideas, moods and themes.

Students take their inspiration from the ever-changing scenes of river life in Bangkok that unfold through the windows of the art studios or from the modern cityscapes they pass on their way to school. The hallways of the Junior School are exhibition spaces in themselves alive with the colour and vibrancy of works inspired by modern artists and old masters alike.

Design Technology – where Art meets Science – is a hugely popular subject at Shrewsbury with students both in the Junior and Senior Schools designing and creating work in purpose-built professional standard studios.

This passion for creativity leads many of our graduates to places at the best art colleges in the world studying Architecture, Fine Art, Fashion and Jewellery Design.

Scholarships are available for students demonstrating exceptional talent, flare and commitment to their artistic endeavours.

The talent of our students, and the skill of our teachers in bringing out their creative potential is underlined by the incredible recognition we have received, year on year, in the Cambridge International Examination Board’s annual Outstanding Learner Awards.

Since 2011 Shrewsbury’s Art and Design students have achieved the Board’s “Top in the World” honours an incredible 9 times at IGCSE, AS or A-level: a fantastic endorsement for our Art Department, and the creativity that is developed and nurtured in Shrewsbury’s inspirational learning environment.

Students who choose to pursue the subject to higher levels benefit from expert  "portfolio reviews" and visits to art schools in Thailand and beyond. Students are supported in the lead up to their public examination submissions with a series of weekend "open-workshop" sessions: valuable time in which to complete their portfolios in Shrewsbury's top quality art studios.